Brings diff to binary files


Tired of downloading whole CDs everytime your favourite distribution is updated? You arlready downloaded more than a gig the last time your favourite distribution was updated. Surely there is some similarities between the old and the new files.
BinaryPatch attempts to find those similarities and note them. It creates a patch_kit which knows which pieces of an old release is similar to the new release. If you already have the old release you just use the information in the patch_kit to create the new_file out of the old_file.

Please see the README file in the distribution for details.

BinaryPatch is still in a very early development stage. Although I haven't tried it yet on my Athlon 1 Gig it will probably take about a week to create the patch_kit from an ISO(cd-rom) image. A small 9kb file takes about a minute on my system. Of course you only need to create the patch kit once!

Any recomendations or comments can be sent to:

Any contributions in improvement, refinement and optimization would be greatly appreciated. The sooner the code is up to production standards, the sooner we all can benefit from reduced download times.

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